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QLD Am I Eligible to Apply for PR in Australia?

Discussion in 'Immigration Law Forum' started by Martha Waiu, 26 September 2014.

  1. Martha Waiu

    Martha Waiu Member

    26 September 2014
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    I am a Papua New Guinean citizen residing in Australia on a temporary NZ spouse visa subclass 461. My husband is a New Zealander but works in PNG and my son is also a New Zealand citizen living here with me in Australia. What I want to know is...Am I able/eligible to apply for a permanent residency in Australia?
    Thank you
  2. CathL

    CathL Well-Known Member

    19 April 2014
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    Hi @Martha Waiu
    Because your situation is quite specific/complex, it might be worthwhile contacting the Department of Immigration Australia - see their ‘Our telephone numbers’ page which provides a number your can call during business hours.

    The Immigration Department ‘Pathways to Permanent Residency’ page sets out different options for permanent residency in Australia.

    I'm not sure whether the following applies to you, but these pages might be informative:
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