temporary resident visa

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  1. S

    NSW will get justice or not

    Hi, My daughter was married to an Australian in 2013. She has a Temporary Resident Visa and applied for Permanent Residency in March 2018 while she was expecting a baby in August 2018. Most of the time, the husband was out and when asked, she was told that he was working and camping...
  2. P

    VIC What will be Our Visa Status if We Divorce?

    Hi there I came to Australia in 2012 with my husband. Right now we've been married for more than 5 years, but things are not going well between us, so I'm thinking of getting a divorce, but we are living together as of now. Before taking any step further I want to know few things. I came on...
  3. P

    NSW Husband Won't Sign Permanent Residency Papers - Options?

    I'm married to my husband for 3 years. He is an Australian resident. We both are from Bangladesh. After my Temporary Resident Visa was processed, I came to Australia to live with my husband on 9th of June, 2013. After that, I was financially dependent on him. I became a student in TAFE in...
  4. Stephen P

    Holding a Temporary Visa - Buying a House in Australia?

    I am holding a temporary resident visa which is a pathway to permanent residency. In short, I'm not yet a permanent resident. But I don't like to rent anymore and I really want to get a loan to buy a house. Am I qualified to apply for a loan? Am I allowed to buy a house? Or only those who are...
  5. J

    QLD If I Refuse to Renew RRV Visa - Options to Consider?

    Dear Forum, I have a couple of questions, one based around the rules of the RRV (resident return visa) which leads me to a question about the 461 visa (partner of NZ citizen). My situation is as follows: I'm a NZ citizen who has lived in Australia from 1993 - 1999 & 2005 - now. Last August...