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8 May 2018
Hi, looking for advice, my husband and I purchased a second hand car through a small motor dealer just over a month ago now. The car is a Mazda cx 7 which had just under 190 000kms on it. When my husband picked up the car he noticed the engine light come on so called the dealer and they had arranged for “the problem “ to be fixed. Since then the engine light has come on numerous times, I’ve had my mechanic fix it and had a good look over the car. He has told me how much it is to fix and it’s pretty much the amount we paid for the car! I have called the dealer back and stressed my frustration as I have 2 small children who will be in the car and it is not safe to drive. He is now avoiding my calls. I don’t know where I stand from here as I have had to purchase another car so I have a car which I cannot drive now. Please help as I am just about to have a baby and we really need to get rid of this car and get a refund!