VIC Private car dealership false documentation

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Bobby Ursu

25 June 2020
I have bought a used car (Mitsubishi Outlander, 2012, 120000 Km) from a private car dealer.
The second day after the purchase, the engine warning light came on. The private dealer sent the car to a Mitsubishi dealer to be inspected and repaired. The car was returned to me after 3 days. The engine warning light came back on the same day he returned it.
After calling the Mitsubishi dealer I have discovered that the car ONLY had the Bluetooth sistem fixed and the handbrake replaced (nothing about the engine warning light).
However, on the invoice/diagnostic that I have received from the private car dealer it stipulates that the Warning Engine Light was caused by a low woltage battery/ sensor error.
I have the document/tax invoice and text messages as proof.
What shall I do next?
Thank you very much.