QLD Friend Harassing Us for Debt - Obligation to Pay?

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Deb Smith

6 October 2015
Hi. A friend offered to help us move and is now harassing us for payment. We did not agree to pay for this - help. We did however give money for hire of the trailer and fuel costs. What are our obligations to pay this "debt" and how can we stop getting threatening phone calls from the ex-friend??


Hi Deb,

What was the understanding between you? Is the ex-friend in the removal's business? Generally if you did not come to any agreement that you would pay for his removal services then there is no debt and you can tell him to go jump. If he tries to take you to court to sue for the money, he will have to prove that there was an agreement for $X amount in return for the services and if he can't then he can't succeed in his action against you.