QLD Farmer's Market - Council Approval Needed?

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Spencer Cann

8 September 2014
I'm a part owner of a cafe in the Gold Coast. I've been trying to organise a farmer's market on weekends when the private car park of 35 spaces becomes exclusively ours to use. We have had various advice from councillors and council employees that we have contacted to explore this avenue. The answers were far ranging and would cost a considerable amount of money if believed to get this idea over the finishing line.

My question is this. "If we, the cafe, owned all the stalls would we still need to get council approval or would our food licence cover us to sell goods (from us) via market stalls in our privately owned car park."

Tim W

LawTap Verified
28 April 2014
It's a change of land use for the car park, so you will need some sort of approval from Council, yes.
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