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Premier Foods plc is a British food manufacturer headquartered in St Albans, Hertfordshire. The group owns many well-known brands, including Mr Kipling, Ambrosia, Bird's Custard, Angel Delight, Homepride cooking sauces, Sharwood's, Loyd Grossman sauces, Oxo, Bisto, Batchelors and Plantastic. Premier Foods also produce cakes under the Cadbury's name, using the brand under licence. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index.

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  1. S

    QLD Expired food relabelled as BB 2019 - grocery food matters unusual in Australia

    Frozen meatballs, spicy sauce in jar, mineral water bottles, pasta, lollies in a pack and cakes in a pack were bought from a grocery store in early Oct. 2018. All packs were labelled ‘Best Before’ a certain date in 2019 or 2020. No receipt was given at the store. After consumed one cake, one...
  2. S

    QLD Farmer's Market - Council Approval Needed?

    I'm a part owner of a cafe in the Gold Coast. I've been trying to organise a farmer's market on weekends when the private car park of 35 spaces becomes exclusively ours to use. We have had various advice from councillors and council employees that we have contacted to explore this avenue. The...
  3. Sarah2015

    QLD Setting Up a Small Business - Will I Need Food Licence?

    I am in the process of setting up a small business in Queensland retailing dried herbs and spices. The dried herb and spices will be purchased through an Australian Certified Organic wholesaler to create a spice blend product and then packaged into food grade sealed pouches for retail. I am...