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Fidelis Care is a New York-based health insurance company.
Formed in 1993, Fidelis Care serves more than 1.7 million New York residents. It is a subsidiary of Centene Corp.

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    SA Traffic Law - Do I Have to Pay Care Park Parking Fines?

    Care Park South Australia have issued a parking fine for over staying a park for 15 minutes. First of all how did they get hold of our address? I thought it was illegal for them to do so, and do I, under Traffic Law, have to pay it or should I just call their bluff?
  2. J

    VIC Care Park Fines - Fine for Not Showing Parking Ticket?

    I've received a parking fine from Care Park for not displaying a valid ticket. I had to drop off my wife to her appointment at Sunshine Private Hospital with our newborn in our car which I'm here to look after her while my wife attends her appointment. The appointment was located here in...
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    VIC Fine from Private Car Park - Pay Care Park Fines?

    I have been issued with a parking fine from a Care Park private car park. I am just wondering do I have to pay this fine from Care Park as it was not issued buy council or government officials? If you could please let me know whether you have to pay Care Park fines that would be great or some...