QLD Ex has a car that I have a loan for

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14 September 2020
I’ve split from my ex, and whilst we were together I bought him a car under my name. I got it in a personal loan, which was mistake number one. Secondly is he got it registered in his name.

only thing I have showing proof is a tax invoice from the man I bought it from which is written to me.

I have sent him a letter to take over finance from a solicitor, to which he called me threatening to take me to court over it if I continued with a solicitor.

the original deal we discussed was he would keep paying it until he got his payment fora job he would do at the end of the year.
however, he is almost two months behind now and is Making excuses for not making payments. It’s killing my credit rating. I don’t know what to do or what rights I have. I can’t afford to take it to court. I can barely afford to live at this point let alone pay legal fees.Is there any advice you can give or point me in the right direction as to what I can do.

I’m in QLD, but car was purchased in NSW.


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27 September 2015
how much do you owe?
So the car is his, the debt is your's. You either stop paying and let them re-possess the car and sell it OR you keep paying. If it were me. I'd stop paying. So you cop a small hit to your credit rating. But it is recoverable.