NSW Car to be Repossessed - Ex Refusing to Pay Car Loan?

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6 February 2019
contact csa - tell them the ex has said the kids are staying with you for the next 4 months, except for every second weekend.

Yep - contact your laywer

As above... Call CSA today if possible... No point stressing over if she may or may not pick up kids from school.... As I wrote previously, all this erratic behavior and to and fro with the kids on her part is definitely causing the kids psychological harm...

SPEAK TO YOUR SOLICITOR about involving child services to pay her a visit.. It will all be materiel that you can use in court to prove her crazy behavior and the harm and distress she is inflicting on these kids... Not having a car is NOT any kind of excuse..

Louise too

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28 November 2018
Ok. Thank you everyone replies. Thanks heaps.
Ex just spoke with the kids on loud speaker and she told the poor girls that they are now living with me. Girls very confused. I still honestly think it’s stunt because she does not want them 2 nd week of school hols.

I’ll phone solicitor , ask about facs to interview and csa.

And look into part time hours
But just hope not only for one week.
Otherwise I hv to change everything again