VIC Employer Owes Me Unpaid Superannuation - What are My Options?

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13 August 2015
I have been employed with my employer for over 1 year and am owed very close to $6,000 in unpaid Superannuation as well as being denied a PAYG summary so I can lodge a tax return. My employer has a history of claiming insolvency and bankruptcy and starting up new companies using a different director/owner name and signatory. He has been imprisoned before for fraud and I know for a fact he is committing several fraud acts now. He has forged legal contract documents with large companies and financial institutions.

We are a pallet making company and he provides many customers with false fumigation certificates stating that we fumigate all our pallets when I know this not to be the case. What are my options, as at the end of this week 14/08/15 he plans to make this current company insolvent and start up again which ensure myself and many other employees lose all our superannuation and PAYG certificates. He still owes outstanding Superannuation debts from 2 other companies from at least the last 5 years under 3 different company names.