NSW Employee being made pay for a failed customer payment

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20 May 2020
My 17 year old daughter has been employed at a fish and chip shop for close to a year. A few nights ago, there was poor communication from the manager in regards to a order. My daughter was handed it by the chef and the guy collecting looked at his phone and said picking up an order for "John". Another employee said if it's a uber or alike order then it's paid for. As "John" had his wallet out. "John", didn't say anymore, and walked out with the order that my daughter handed to him.
My daughter has now been told it's her fault the order hasn't been paid for. She is expected to pay for the $80+ order. Her boss is very bullying on many occasions. My daughter loves her job. But is so scared she is going to lose her job because she can't afford the $80. As she has a car to run, rego other expenses (she is 18 next month and a full time year 12 student).
Can her boss make her pay for this mistake which clearly isn't her mistake alone. The boss fires people seemingly frequently.


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27 May 2014