NSW Weekly Salary on Employment Contract Not Being Met?

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18 January 2016
Ok, so I've really had enough of this and I'm beyond angry and frustrated.

My husband is a full time employee with a company owned and run by his boss. My husband's employment contract states weekly pay of his agreed salary amount which is supposed to go in every week of a Friday night. His boss regularly doesn't pay on the correct day or does not pay the entire salary amount.

For example, my husband should have been paid his full wages last night and instead got an email from his boss saying that it wasn't processed and that he would go to the bank and deposit it into my husband's bank account today, to which he only deposited some of the salary and not the full amount. This is a regular thing that happens...

My husband constantly has to ask for his pay to go in on time. My husband has also checked with other employees who have been owed their pays as far back as 2 weeks. Surely this is not legal in Employment Law? What can be done without obviously making my husband lose his job?

We have 3 young kids and we can't live like this and it's just completely disgusting and unfair to be put in this position. My husband is looking for other work but until anything happens on that front, this is our reality.

Help needed! Please help!


Hi there,

If your husband's boss is in financial trouble there is no much that you can do but take what you can and look for other work. If he is just disorganised. I would go back and calculate what you are owed and give the employer a letter of demand which demands payment of the outstanding funds by X date or else Y action will be taken.

Calculate whether your husband is actually receiving in pay is above the award pay rates for his job. If not you may also have recourse to go to the Fair Work Ombudsman to help resolve the dispute.