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Employment is a relationship between two parties, usually based on a contract where work is paid for, where one party, which may be a corporation, for profit, not-for-profit organization, co-operative or other entity is the employer and the other is the employee. Employees work in return for payment, which may be in the form of an hourly wage, by piecework or an annual salary, depending on the type of work an employee does or which sector they are working in. Employees in some fields or sectors may receive gratuities, bonus payment or stock options. In some types of employment, employees may receive benefits in addition to payment. Benefits can include health insurance, housing, disability insurance or use of a gym. Employment is typically governed by employment laws, organisation or legal contracts.

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  1. pino.defazio99

    VIC Employer Making Employee Pay Excess

    Hi All, I work at a mid-size IT company of about 200 employees. I've been given a company car as part & had 2 accidents in it, one a months or so ago & the other happened less than 24 hours ago. The company now suddenly wants $1,250 for each of these two incidents totaling $2,500. I was...
  2. R

    VIC Lawfully terminating employee - How to?

    I am on a dozen call backs waiting for lawyers to contact me, but they are obviously not interested in small fry and I cannot get my question answered. We have an employee that we would like to terminate, myself, and my business partner, do not currently work in the business as employees. We...
  3. chihim1992

    What are the laws that all employer should know?

    Hi there, I'm currently doing some research for my company and need some help.. My company has a new project in Australia and they are going to hire some local people I'm current trying to prepare some draft for the employment agreement, I'm just wondering what are some most important laws that...
  4. R

    NSW Employee being made pay for a failed customer payment

    My 17 year old daughter has been employed at a fish and chip shop for close to a year. A few nights ago, there was poor communication from the manager in regards to a order. My daughter was handed it by the chef and the guy collecting looked at his phone and said picking up an order for "John"...
  5. J

    Publicly accused of theft by an Aldi employee

    This incident is relevant to several areas of law (as far as I can tell) but I am posting it here as couldn't find a better suited forum. On 29 /4/21, I was at the Aldi Bondi Junction store doing my grocery shopping. When I got to the checkout, the cashier asked to check my shopping bags...
  6. S

    NSW Can a director, who is an employee of the company as well, forgo his salary for few months due to business losses incurred during pandemic period?

    Hi The director of an IT company who is an employee as well, wants to voluntarily forgo the salary (as an employee) for few months due to the business losses incurred (as there is no product sale made) during pandemic period. The business is incurring losses every month, he wants to keep paying...
  7. Joseph Brisbane

    QLD Restraint of trade clause for casual dental hygienist employee

    I am a dental hygienist and am employed as a casual, I have been working as a casual employee on and off for a few years. I want to leave the practice and apply for local jobs, but I have been told that I have a no compete clause that says I can't work for any other dental practice within 8km...
  8. N

    QLD what classification is a taxi driver

    Hi, i drive for a taxi company that has a contract with QLD Health to provide patient transport. we work a 12 hour shift in exchange for $460 per shift. We are also required to hire the taxi from a private owner or the cab company, which diminishes that $460, and then pay for fuel and GST out of...
  9. piano0011

    Banned from Coles for adding a staff employee on facebook

    Hello! My banned is over now but now long ago, I was banned from Coles for adding a female employee on facebook. I did however say hello and ask if I could add her on Facebook or not. I guess my mistake was that I did not save the conversation as proved to show to the manager. As a result, the...
  10. R

    QLD Employee Maximum Weekly Work Hours

    Hi, I was hoping someone was able to please give me some insight into maximum work hours for full time employees. My boss sent out a company email advising that they "expect" us to work 8:30am to 5:00pm with only a half an hour break or 8:30am to 5:30pm with an hour break (8 hour work day excl...