Disputing Stop Sign Fine from Police

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2 July 2014
if police gave me a fine for not stopping at a stop sign but have no proof, can I keep three points and $330? My friend got done at the exact same stop sign so I sincerely believe I had come to a complete stop but still got issued a fine

Owens Lawyers

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13 June 2014
Ranier, if you believe that you did not commit the offence and that the police have no proof, then you can elect to have the fine heard in court, and plead not guilty. The police will then need to provide evidence that you did not stop. If you are found not guilty then you won't be fined and won't incur demerit points,

However, it is likely that the officer who gave you the ticket will give evidence that you did not stop.


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27 May 2014
If you are going to contest the fine, and you believe you did stop, write down NOW exactly what you did approaching the intersection, weather conditions, time of day, traffic flow, pedestrians you saw etc. As much detail as you can remember and have it witnessed as an affidavit asap. It may help. No guarantees, but better than relying purely on memory in 3 months time when you are in court.