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  1. J

    NSW Subpoena Material Redacted (except still visible)

    Hi and thanks for reading my question. I'm involved in a parenting (only) matter and the other party has been allowed to redact some sensitive information in the subpeonas (we had a Objection Hearing) What seems odd is the redaction was just not effective - that is I could still read what they...
  2. H

    Can Accused Offenders Seek Humiliation Damages?

    The accused killer of Stephanie Scott, a teacher killed in country NSW, is currently at trial. This morning, a reporter on the major national breakfast show Sunrise declared that details have emerged of the accused's online behaviour. He had apparently searched for Neo-Nazi propaganda and...
  3. J

    WA Magistrates Court Minor Claim - Evidence of Credibility

    I am the respondent in a minor claim in the Magistrates Court over the supply of a new driveway. My defence under evidence law is the Plaintiff's breach of contract, actual and implied, under contract law. I have withheld around 30% of the contract value and the plaintiff is attempting to...
  4. D

    VIC Recording Phone Calls - Illegal or Use as Evidence?

    Situation: Used car dealer kept fixing my car for 8 months without contacting me. So I hounded them over the phone and copped some abuse so I started voice recording every phone conversation in the hopes that I could take it to court and use it as evidence of abuse and their unwillingness to...
  5. M

    VIC Police Investigation Evidence - What If They Can't Find Suspect?

    There is a current investigation with a person by the police. The victim in the situation still needs to be interviewed by police which is happening in a few days. The main suspect his family plan on hiding him interstate. Would there still be a investigation? What happens if they can't find the...
  6. P

    VIC Obtaining a Copy of Brief of Evidence from DPP and TGA?

    Hi. I have been charged with importing vitamin supplements including melatonin which is a prescription only item in Australia (although can be found on supermarket shelves in the US and UK). On May 19, the TGA informed me via email that their Brief of Evidence has been submitted to the Director...
  7. B

    VIC Deliberate False Evidence to Undermine Trust?

    What is the term for deliberately false evidence to undermine trust? I will explain better: Someone unknown unexpectedly for you comes up with a "helpful" "evidence" and tries to help you. But this "help" is a false evidence deliberately form the beginning and organised such a way so opposition...
  8. M

    VIC Can Secret Recordings be used as Evidence to Immigration?

    If someone was secretly phone recording or video recording someone without there knowledge. Can that be used as evidence to the immigration people?
  9. AllForHer

    Submitting Videos as Evidence in Parenting Orders Case?

    Hello, I just wanted to get some information about submitting a video as evidence in a parenting orders case. What is the procedure? What format is it best submitted in (CD, USB, etc)? As this case is still only at interim stage, is it best to leave such submissions until affidavits are sought...
  10. J

    QLD Domestic Violence Order Help - Representing Myself?

    Hi. I really need your help as unfortunately men seem to get left out of the help cycle in these and a lot of other situations. 4 weeks ago, I was served with a Private DVO QLD (Domestic Violence Order) on Friday afternoon at 5.04pm. Mention was the following Monday at 11.30am. How was i...