SA Demerit Points carried from Vic to SA

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Paul Roberts

7 May 2018
I currently have 11 Demerit points on a SA license. I am due to get 3 points back mid June and 3 more a couple of weeks later as these have been issued nearly 3 years ago now.

I just recently received a speeding ticket in Victoria which will incur 3 points, the due date being the the 24 of May. In theory this will transfer to SA and I will have incurred a total loss of 14 points which will mean a loss of license. But I will get 3 points back a few weeks later. Is it likely that the transferring of the points from Vic to SA will all happen rapidly and will I be notified of a loss of license in the few weeks between my due date of the recent ticket and the return of points due in June. Should I apply to dispute my ticket in Vic and then drop that dispute a couple of weeks later, thus buying some time, then I will have my old points back ? I understand that the loss of points disqualification occurs 28 days after the expiry of the recent infringement in Vic- but Im not sure what happens and how long the process takes to then get to SA and notify me- by then I will have points back again.