QLD Defamation or Inciting hatred and violence?

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Edna Jones

7 February 2020
Horrifying Time,....Questions relate to Defamation of Character or hate speech inciting Hate and Violence.
I am a friend to the family of the accused. He is Charged with child sex abuse. Charges.. not a Conviction as yet.
# Incident at a public place where she is calling him the "P" word and other profanities and generally abusing him in public. She (ex partner) was also videoing him on her phone. His new partner was with him. They left quickly. Isn't the Law "Innocent until proven Guilty". Are there Laws for this Public abusing?
# Facebook Public Announcements Posts appear from the Ex Partner "advising and warning "people that "he" was in their community. In the Posts Not only is he named but also those of the relatives as well who live there. Is this Inciting a needless "Public Panic" and identifying his relatives so as to incite hatred and violence towards them.
# She also identified her own child, a minor on a social media site!?!..This definitely begs to question her aim, her motive for PA on FB. Defame, Shame, incite hatred, incite violence?
# In response to comments on her Posts she (ex partner) reveals charges to people and also gives next Court Date as an invitation to attend. It was the incorrect Court Date.

Do they have a Defamation of Character Case? Inciting hatred and violence? Any info welcome