NSW Debt - Should I Respond to Judgement Debtor?

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22 October 2015

I have a judgement against an ex - partner and am in the process of enforcing the debt (representing myself).
I've got a writ for the levy of property which hasn't yet been carried out, though the sheriff's office sent a letter to the judgement debtor letting him know they have a writ and will be attending his property.

The judgement debtor recently sent an email to me explaining a very unbelievable financial situation and offering to repay by instalments. The debt is large (local court), and at the rate he has offered his repayments would have to continue for at least 30 years for the debt to be repaid. I don't want to reply to his email, I don't want any direct contact with the judgement debtor at all. Am I legally within my rights not to respond?

Thank you.


If you have a judgement debt and a writ for levy of property then you have the right to proceed with that. You don't need to agree to a payment plan that he proposes.