Debt Against a Service I Never Received?

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Paul Gunston

11 July 2014
Hi there,
In March 2014, I signed up to an internet hosting service with a company. I waited, expecting my service to become active however, it never did, so I submitted a support request. (I have no record of this).

I received no response to the support request however, on June 12, I received an email from the client relationship manager regarding my credit card being flagged as invalid.

I responded to the email asking for my service (which I hadn't received) to be terminated. I did not receive a response. On 11/07/2014 I received a legal notice stating that an attempt was being made to collect a debt by their debt collectors and failure to comply with the demand may result in legal proceedings against me.

Do I have the legal right to refuse payment considering that I have NEVER once received any service from this company, nor has the company made any effort to assist me?