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Legal separation (sometimes judicial separation, separate maintenance, divorce a mensa et thoro, or divorce from bed-and-board) is a legal process by which a married couple may formalize a de facto separation while remaining legally married. A legal separation is granted in the form of a court order. In cases where children are involved, a court order of legal separation often makes child custody arrangements, specifying sole custody or shared parenting, as well as child support. Some couples obtain a legal separation as an alternative to a divorce, based on moral or religious objections to divorce.Legal separation does not automatically lead to divorce. The couple might reconcile, in which case they do not have to do anything in order to continue their marriage.

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  1. R

    NSW Employer won't provide separation certificate

    Hi, I've asked my employer for a separation certificate and they allege I owe them money. They won't issue one until that is paid in full. Is this allowed? It's for Centrelink
  2. JHamilton

    QLD Separation certificate

    I had a 12mth contract for a part time position of 20hrs a week. The terms of the position changed and they wanted someone fulltime, the position was to be advertised and I could apply if I wanted to. Due to health issues I could not work full time so I did not apply. I was given a months...
  3. milsy22

    QLD Separation Certificate - misconduct

    I recently resigned (29 June 2020) without notice due to problems with a line manager (in Perth), a known bully who has been the cause of many acrimonious departures. I had been discussing my reasons for leaving with the local State Manager, who agrees this person is a problem, but no-one had...
  4. G

    NSW Registering a De-Facto Relationship Before Divorce?

    I am currently legally married but separated. I have a new partner that I live with in NSW and we want to apply for a Partner Visa for her ( Visa 820 ). We do not meet the criteria for the minimum 12 month period for a de-facto relationship, but we can have this period waived if we register...
  5. L

    QLD Employment Law - Employer Refusing Separation Certificate?

    Hello, My previous employer is refusing to supply a proper separation certificate, even after Centrelink and qbe insurance twice. The workplace ombudsman called them and apparently they only produced a payment summary. What are my options under employment law after all contact is refused...
  6. racheal

    QLD Legal Separation before Waiting 12 Months for Divorce?

    Hi. I have been married for 2.5 years and the marriage is well and truly over. I cannot prove that we have been separated already for 3 months, so I am trying to move out to have a lease with just my name in it, as my husband is still on the current lease, though he no longer lives here. I was...
  7. P

    VIC Property Settlement - Changing Contributions?

    My ex wife and I separated Jan 2011 (separation certificate) when I moved out of our family home. She has had full custody of our four children and lives there to present (custody of children). We want to have a property settlement where she will be refinancing and paying me out so she and the...
  8. R

    VIC Casual Workers - Written Warning for Attendance?

    Hi all My husband had been working for manpower agency for nearly 4 years. As a casual employee on the Woolworths account. Towards the end of last year he received a written warning for attendance, even though each time he was not available for work he would notify them early in the morning or...
  9. M

    QLD Employer Fired Me Via Facebook - What To Do?

    I was hired at a Internet cafe since June/July. I remember signing a few things and was hired for front counter and some on the side painting work within the store. After my introducing shift they said we don't have many hours but will call for me to do cover shifts and will work with rosters to...
  10. R

    WA Redundancy Pay - Breach of Contract Claim?

    My employer stood me down for 4 months without pay "relying on the stand down clause in my contract "circumstances they could not be held reasonably responsible" After 4 months gave me formal notification that my job was redundant and offered me another position. When I asked about my...