WA De Facto Debt Consolidation - All Debts in One Partner's Name?

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23 July 2014
My daughter's ex de facto could not get finance for purchased items (boat, phone contract, electricity) many more, so she put it all in her name. Is there anyway to get him to pay his share as he was part of the de facto relationship? She called electricity co to have her name withdrawn from the account as he told her to move out of rental property. He was to change the account to his name but never did. The electricity company are holding her accountable, what can we do?

John R

Well-Known Member
14 April 2014
Hi @Samsue,
S*xually transmitted debt is an increasing issue.
As a general rule and in the absence of a separation agreement (or similar) between your daughter and her ex de facto that sets out how both parties will pay the outstanding debts incurred during their relationship, if your daughter is the only person listed on a finance contract, then she is wholly responsible for the debt.