WA Criminal Record - Can I return to Queensland to work?

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26 January 2015
Hello Friends! Happy Australia Day!
In 2009 I left Qld in a hurry as my partner was about to be arrested, we had been in trouble for a while and I had been put on probation for a credit card fraud charge for using someone's credit card amounting to $2500.00, none of which was reimbursed. Not long after this I was caught stealing DVD's and was due to appear in court shortly after I left the state. I had intentions of going to court, it just didn't work out that way.

We stayed in NSW for several years and got our lives together. Then moved to WA for work where I have recently completed my Diploma of Community Services. A recent police check only came up with a drug charge from 2004. My problem is I really wish to go back to Queensland to live and work. I am not afraid to face the consequences of my actions as such, I am more worried how this will affect my criminal record history check required by most employers in my area of work. Do you think the judge may consider making my recent offences spent if this is possible? Would I have a warrant out for me or would the matter have been heard in my absence seeing as the offences are 6 years old? How would I find out what the judgement is?

Sarah J

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16 July 2014
Melbourne, Victoria
Hi Debxxx,

Happy Australia Day to you to.

This seems like quite a mess, and the best way to do this is to contact a lawyer so that they can contact the police (for outstanding charges against you) and the court (for judgments, decisions against you) and find out exactly what charges are presently standing against you. You may have more charges against you for failing to appear in court or failing to cooperate with police etc. So, first you need to find out what charges are against you. If you have charges against you, they will not be "spent" unless the police decides not to pursue these charges anymore (unlikely with multiple offences). This is because, unfortunately, there is no time limit on when criminal charges expire.