VIC Will I Get a Criminal Record for Petty Theft?

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20 January 2017
I'm most likely going to court for my first crime soon. It's a petty theft crime as I was told. I took someone's credit card details and paid for uni applications and family bills. I was in a really bad place in my life and didn't spend any more than $100.

Someone else had done the same thing in my workplace but I'm getting all of the blame because my name was on the statement. I just want to know, if I do get charged, will I get a criminal record? How do I get out of this? Is it better for me to plead guilty or wait until court?

Please help, I've never done anything this bad and I'm worried about my future. Is there a chance I could just do community service?


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13 September 2016
You should retain a lawyer. Ask said lawyer about the possibility of a diversion - They can explain what this entails and talk to the informant directly - A diversion would be the best possible outcome.

Although, from your post, I question whether there is just a single charge of theft?

Was this done whilst in your workplace? If so, it could through a spanner in the works in regard to a diversion.