Criminal offense for 190Visa

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    10 June 2018
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    Hi All,

    I've recently been charged with an offense and and had my visa canceled under the surveillance act for recording a private activity in which I'm not a party of. I got onto a bridging visa E so that I can fly back to my home country voluntarily and not be detained or deported.

    My criminal lawyer/ registered migration agent advised me to wait for my 190 invitation back home and apply for PR from there and that my minor offense should not affect my application as I still pass the character test set out under Section 501 of the Migration Act 1958.

    I'm worried they might refuse my application even though I meet all the requirement for the character test, as they might say the reason it got cancelled in the first place was because they though I could be a threat to the community

    Should I trust my lawyers and remain calm? Am I being overly paranoid? Like do people with past criminal offense in Australia get granted PR? PLEASE HELP!! =(

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