VIC Apply for Resident Return Visa for Daughter?

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2 September 2016
I am a mother of an 8-year-old girl. I migrated to Australia in 2009 on skilled migration visa 175 with my 10-month-old child that time (her) and my abusive partner at that time. After migrating to Australia, my violent abusive partner had escalated his abuse with me and my child and I was forced to send my daughter back to India to my parents.

There were no family court orders when I left her in India in Dec 2010. 15 months later, I had first arrived in Australia with her and she had a permanent visa 175, secondary, then.

The marriage broke in 2009 as, of course, my ex was brutal and violent and he is still living in Australia. I have no idea where he is nor do we intend to contact each other now. Eventually, I got back to Australia again in 2011 and now I'm an Australian citizen.

I want to bring my child back to Australia now and her Permanent Residency visa has expired in Aug 2014. What visa do I need to apply to get her back here? Can I apply for resident return visa for my child as I'm an Australian citizen?