WA Criminal Law - Legal Consequences if I Commit Suicide?

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4 November 2015
Okay, so I am determined that I am most definitely going to end my life. I have given myself a few options as to how I'm going to commit suicide, but as I am concerned as to the fallout and aftermath, I want help from people who know this stuff.

One option is the good old fashion OD, and maybe do so with the car running in the shed to be sure, no legal fall out there. Another I'm keen on is driving off a cliff. Again no one else's problem but I'm worried about how long this will take to work and worse the chance of it not working out. So another I'm keen on is just laying down on the road but again this could just make a cripple of me. So I think the surest option I have is to shoot myself.

Now, this is where you guys come in. I have access to many guns but sadly can't own one as I'm a criminal. Now when I use someone else's gun to shoot myself, will that person be in any legal strife under criminal law?


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2 October 2015


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20 July 2015
Frankie!!! Don't do it!! I don't know why you are so decided, but if you are writing here there is a part of you that is reaching out. Please get some help, not with law but with your mental health. Write in a beyond blue forum you'll get some good support.