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11 September 2014
In July 2014, I went to legal mediation to obtain family court orders during property settlement. In those orders my ex-husband was to pay me a certain amount of money before 28 days. He was to transfer superannuation from his account to mine, he was to help maintain the matrimonial home until sold (which still has not happened).

Since our separation in October 2010 I have had to pay the entire mortgage on a 5 acr property as he refuses to pay for any of it, including the rates, insurance and maintenance. Initially I agreed to pay the mortgage at interest only until the property was sold, however this is now more than two years. The court orders state that the property can be rented out until sold however he refuses to sign the lease documents at the real-estate agents which has left me stuck living in the property until sold.

Financially the property as you could imagine has nearly bought me to a bankrupt point, and in extreme financial debt, where my ex husband is living a life of financial freedom. I find very unfair.

How do I go about getting him to pay me the money owed? How can I get him to sign the lease documents? How can I get him to help maintain the property until sold?

If there is any advice to help me I would appreciate it. I am desperate.


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27 May 2014
Go back to court with evidence of your claims. Tell the court what you want and ask them to give you the authority you need so that you no longer need to rely on your ex. to sign papers etc