WA Consumer Protection - Purchased Ford with Major Defects - What to Do?

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11 February 2016

We bought a brand new 2014 Ford Focus in WA. We have taken it back to the dealership 5 times now to get the gear box fixed.

First two times we were told there was nothing wrong with it! We were told it was the computer registering one person way of driving so the next person that drives it will have problems. Rubbish! We are getting fed up now. It's always been an issue since day one but until last week, it wasn't a major issue.

I was nearly rear-ended by a car as when I put out my foot, there was no acceleration, it just whined and wouldn't change gears. Lucky the car behind me had very good breaks! I am now too scared to drive this car. We very rarely drive it anyway because of all the problems with it but now I refuse to drive it at all. Our recent trip today to get it fixed again.

We were told to drive it for 3000kms more and see if it's still doing it! What the hell! Number one I refuse to drive it, it's not safe. Number two, what is another 3000 km going to do? This surely has to come under consumer protection.

Please help. I don't want to be in a car accident or kill someone.