VIC Faulty Ford Car with Statutory Warranty - What to Do?

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30 April 2016

I bought a 2008 Ford Focus with131000 kms on it (with that a 3-month statutory warranty) and the car overheated from dealers place to my place with 30 min drive.

I told him regarding that and the dealer said send me pic of the gauge overheated and did so. But now he is just taking his time to fix it and trying to delay it or get rid of that faulty car.

So now please help me. What can I do under Australian Consumer Law? (How and to whom can I send my complaint) to get my money back or get it repaired in at a reasonable time?

Thanks for your time.

Victoria S

Well-Known Member
9 April 2014
Hi Tajinder,

What does the Statutory Warranty say about getting a refund or repair and how long it may take to repair it?

I would send the dealer a letter of demand, demanding that they repair the vehicle and return it to you in satisfactory condition within 5 days and if they fail to do so, then you will be seeking a refund under the Australia Consumer Law as they have failed to provide a vehicle that is of acceptable quality.

What sort of representations were made to you at the time of sale? Did they state that it was in good mechanical condition? Are you able to view the car's service history to determine whether there was an existing fault that had been previously identified which the dealer knew about?