Child Support agreement and the wording of the agreement

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18 July 2014
My Ex husband has never paid Child Support and is now $35k in arrears. He now wants to enter into a agreement and wants me to sign it and start paying some money each week. Concerned about the wording of this agreement and want to make sure that the following sentence does not mean that arrears will be wiped. CSA (Child Support Agency) have told me that only I can wipe them by telling the CSA to wipe all arrears but still want to know if the wording in the agreement affects the arrears. The wording is as follows ' R (mother) will be contacting CSA to advise them that she will be 'opting out' of any further amounts from G (father). My concern is that wording of 'any further amounts'. Does this or would this be considered the arrears?. I am not going to wipe the arrears as that gives him a clean slate and then he can just stop paying again. I need that kept in place so that I have a 'backstop' so to speak. Thankyou


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27 May 2014
Do not sign the agreement. Seems suspicious to me. Why can't he just start paying money?