VIC Charging process, length of time, summons etc

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22 March 2019
I was questioned in relation to stealing from an employer 6 months ago (to the day). I was processed/finger prints etc but not charged, amount alleged was just under $120K, which I profusely denied being anywhere close to alleged amount.

I was informed I would likely receive a summons with charge (that would go through my lawyer).
We have yet to hear anything.

my question is, would this be considered a good or bad thing or neither?
seeing as my finger prints will now have been wiped from system, will I need to go back in to be processed etc.

If anyone has any advice on this matter, would be greatly appreciated.

Tony Danos

LawTap Verified
29 November 2016
Investigations in these cases usually take time. Often forensic accounting required so 6 month wait common. You will not need further processing. As you have a lawyer then he/she should know all of this.