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A process is a set of recurrent or periodic activities that interact to produce a result.
Things called a process include:

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  1. C

    QLD Change of Assessment process

    interested to know if any one here has gone through this process? How long did it take? How did it work? Did you have to provide each other ALL financial information? or can you just provide information that relates to the case? my x has changed her income to $0 and isn't looking to work. I...
  2. D

    VIC Subclass 870

    I have question regarding 3 year visa for parents. Can i sponsor my grandmother and mother on the same time on this visa. Is there a sponsorship approval required which form is required to be filled for the sponsorship approval process and which one for the visa.
  3. R

    WA Supreme court order process

    The executor has had the grant of probate revoked and has been ordered to surrender their copy of the grant to the Supreme Court. Along with all documents and an affidavit outlining their administration. It seems the executor may not have updated their address and the executor is not receiving...
  4. philip_rhoades

    NSW Legal process prevented by Privacy Laws

    People, I want to submit an application to the local court for a Noise Abatement Order (under section 268 of the Protection of the Environment Administration Act 1991) but I am prevented from doing so because I don't know the respondent's last name. Neither the Real Estate Agent, the Strata...
  5. H

    NSW What is the correct process to have parenting orders revised?

    Can new orders be put forward via an initiating application to Family Court by the other party without even acknowledging or revising the current orders? I was under the impression that to vary current orders you had to prove to the court that there has been a significant change in circumstances...
  6. V

    VIC Speeding up the process

    Hi All, In December 2019 I initiated proceedings via the recommendation of a Registrar that we were placed in front of due to a contravention breached by my former partner. Since then, the Judge ordered a second family report be done so that she can make a decision and stated " I’m not going to...
  7. P

    VIC Impact of COVID on the court process

    Hi there. I am scheduled to appear at the Melbourne Magistrates court in early December for a mention hearing. I was wondering if the date is likely to be impacted by the recent stage 4 COVID restrictions, even though its not for a while yet. I am currently in NSW so have to make plans for how...
  8. L

    Court Process

    Hi All, I wanted to ask a question regarding court process, I have read the actual processes etc, however wanted to know if anyone has first hand experience either going through the process or working within the system. Indictment charge for various charges of obtaining property by deception...
  9. H

    VIC What is the divorce process and does it effects on my pr visa?

    I am holding PR visa/ partner visa for my husband who is an Australian citizen. We have been married for seven years and our marriage is now broken because of many reasons. I've been living here, in AU with him for less than two years . I am not working but studying only . I want to know the...