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WA Can Outstanding Fines be Found in Criminal Record?

Discussion in 'Criminal Law Forum' started by applestang, 12 June 2016.

  1. applestang

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    25 May 2016
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    I left Australia many years ago with an outstanding fine. A few days ago, I emailed the fines enforcement registry about my outstanding fines and if I have a warrant to my name for it. They did not mention if I had a warrant to my name but they did send a proper statement of my outstanding fine.

    I thought I had 2 outstanding fines. One for an invalid train ticket and the other for jaywalking. In the statement, though, it only mentioned my fine for an invalid ticket which totalled to approx $120. There was no additional charge or sheriff cost charge. Hence, based on it, do you think it was possible that I would have gotten a warrant even if it is $120 and there was no sheriff cost charge?

    I will pay the outstanding fine in a few days, is it possible this record may have been added to the criminal database? Lastly, I was caught jaywalking in the city at midnight and I thought I did receive a fine ticket. However, it was not mentioned in the fines enforcement registry. Is it possible the policeman did not enter it into the fines registry hence, the crime will not be found in a criminal record?

    I will pay the outstanding fine and go to USA for business purposes in 2 weeks. Could this issue come out in the criminal database when my passport is scanned in the US airport?

    Thank you.
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