QLD Criminal Record and National Police Check Error?

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Chee Ang

8 October 2015
I was charged or fined $300 about 8 years ago, my fine was an on-the-spot fine for OBSTRUCTING A POLICE OFFICER and the police officer told me that It would not have any criminal record and I didn't need to attend court. I was not required to attend court apart from paying the fine, this was told by the police officer. So I didn't physically attend court. It looked like an expiable offence.

Today my national police check record shows disclosable history source with Brisbane magistrates court on 18/12/2007 and the offence of obstructing police officer but no conviction recorded and fined $300

My question here, why does my record history check still show that I had court appearance on 18/12/2007?

Please help.


Well-Known Member
11 October 2015
Hi Chee Ang,

My understanding is that if you are given an on the spot fine it would still appear on your criminal record.

See Legal Aid QLD page for further information: Breaking the law in a public place

However I am unsure what your criminal record should read if you did not attend a court.

My suggestion would be to lodge a Disputed Record Form to the Australian Federal Police asking why such details were included on your police check.

You may also wish to contact Legal Aid or even a local police station to find out why your record is as it is.