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QLD Can I File for Bankruptcy?

Discussion in 'Debt and Bankruptcy Law Forum' started by Charlie11, 21 October 2015.

  1. Charlie11

    Charlie11 Member

    21 October 2015
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    My ex husband and I have a mortgage that isn't being paid. The house is currently on the market. Ex was the sole income earner and left the household and all the bills behind. I am now on a single parent pension and full time carer of my 2 children. Just wondering if, I can file for bankruptcy?
  2. James D. Ford - Solicitor

    James D. Ford - Solicitor Well-Known Member

    19 June 2014
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    Hi Charlie

    Did you know that you have legal rights to enter a binding property settlement with your ex?

    Does he still have an income?

    Did he take any assets with him - car? furniture?

    Did he have any money in a separate bank account?

    Did he have an superannuation

    (All of the above would form a part of your joint marital assets to be divided between you both)...

    How long ago did you divorce?

    If after everything is sorted with your ex-husband.. you have debts... there are alternatives to Bankruptcy which may or may not apply to you.. and need to be considered before you take any such decision.

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