Can Friend Authorize an Adult to be her Advocate?

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Ronnie John

13 June 2014
Hi my friend and my best friend L and her adoptive parents have been estranged for two years now and at 17, L is engaged to her boy friend. She wants to know if she can sign something or make up a letter to give to her
fiancee' s mum(B) the legal right to be her advocate and speak on her behalf especially medically. she feels helpless and scared cause she doesn't know fully what her rights are and she wants her fiancee's mum to be there and speak for her and do enquiries for her
Especially in her health matters and having just had a baby.

L has been unwell on and off a lot and sees her fiancee's mum like a real mum. please help it is urgent. She can't understand lots of things and wishes Bonnie to speak for her and make enquiries and phone calls for her but she's been told she will need something in writing as my best friend is 17, female and her adoptive parents won't help her on anything.

What are the laws (e.g. Australian Law) and how does she go about getting or doing a authority thing please? Does L maybe have to go to a court house to fill out something. none of us know how to help her on this matter?

Paul Cott

Well-Known Member
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26 May 2014
Ballarat, Victoria

Each agency she deals with may want to see the signed authority, once one has been done. The signed authority isn't overly long generally. It just says the basic details such as who is to have authority to speak on her behalf, and be signed and dated and have contact details for both parties on it.

Also Powers of Attorney may assist, both or either medical and or financial.

There are kits for these, maybe available at news agencies.

Also try calling the local community legal centre for assistance.

Hope that helps.
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