QLD What can I do about stubborn executors?

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21 April 2020
Hi everyone,
My mum died in August 2018 and her assets include household belongings, property and cash in the bank. My three siblings are executors, but one of them has already helped herself to most of the stuff that was of any value and taken money from the account. Another executor is useless and couldn't care less, while the third one has been doing her best to get things moving. The house is deteriorating and isn't being maintained, but the bills are being paid.

There is still some cleaning up to do before the house can be put on the market, but not possible at the moment. Basically, I want to know what I can do to get things moving. It is very frustrating and mum has not been allowed to die with dignity. Her house is a mess and I feel helpless to do anything as I can't afford to engage a solicitor. What options do I have a one of the beneficiaries?
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