VIC Brother Lent My Car to His Friend - What to Do?

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22 June 2017
My brother lent my Victorian registered car valued at $120,000 to his business associate in NSW who has since shifted addresses and taken my car with him. I asked for my car back and my brother kept telling me that it was going to be returned to me or that his businesses associate would buy it and I would get my money. The car was not returned or sold. I have now not paid the car registration and told Vic Roads about the situation.

My brother then took out intervention order against me in the Victorian Magistrates Court prohibiting me from contacting him or his business associates. I am now without a car and had to buy another one. My $120,000 car is still with his business associate and I don't know where he lives so I can't get it back.

What can I do legally to get my car or my money!


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27 May 2014
Take your brother to court. He was given away possession of the car and has the responsibility to return it to you. In the meantime report the car as stolen.

Recommend that you get proper legal advice, it appears as though you can afford it.