SA Bought a Faulty Used Car - What are My Options?

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7 August 2015

So I recent bought a used car from a dealer, car was 7 grand.

All was great until I drove the car home and discovered that a "Check Engine" light on the dash on the way home. So naturally I called up the dealer and they said it was probably the o2 sensors, and sure enough they would replace it under the 3 month warranty. So I took the car back, and they said they fixed it, even showing me the reciept for the new o2 sensor which wasn't cheap ($180). However, on the drive home just after a few km's down the road, the dreaded check engine light appeared again. Frustrated, I called up the dealer again, and they said to bring it back for them for another look. They can't seem to find why the fault is happening (or so they say)?

I am starting to wonder if there is something more to it and perhaps they are hiding some issue with the car. They said they would call the manufacturer since they didn't know the issue, and then get back to me, but really couldn't give me a timeframe. Should I be concerned? It feels they just said that but it is the 'we'll say we'll call you but never do again tactic... what should I do? I feel very unhappy with the car to the point of not wanting to drive it, because of I think I may have bought a 7 grand lemon, and had I known it had this fault/defect in the first place I wouldn't have bought the car and moved on.

Also, is it within my rights and ok under the Australian consumer law if I ask for a replacement or refund?

I've read a little about the 'if it is not fixed within a reasonable timeframe' section I can excercise this right to the dealer?

Tracy B

Well-Known Member
24 December 2014