NSW Baseline security clearance & criminal infringement notice

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28 October 2020
I was given a criminal infringement notice 7 years ago for shoplifting. I paid the fine immediately.
My questions are:
1) will the CIN show up in a federal governement baseline security clearance check (includes national police check)?
2) is it guaranteed that fingerprints are destroyed on payment of a CIN?
3) do CIN/penalty fines need to be declared for these checks and government employers given that they are NOT convictions or court outcome?

Thank you


29 October 2020
1) For Baseline security clearances, the Australian Government Security Vetting Agency will need to check your background and personal history for the previous 5 years. This period is longer for higher levels of security clearance. So an offence older than 5 years should not appear on your check.
2) According to the NSW Police Force:
Should the CIN be paid the State Debt Recovery Office will inform the New South Wales Police Force that this payment has been made and your fingerprints will be destroyed. Should you elect to take the matter to Court the fingerprints will normally be retained by the New South Wales Police Force.
3) I would expect that if offences older than 5 years do not appear in the check, that you would not be obligated to declare anything beyond that time period, unless the form you are completing says to. The check is their only means of checking your history and if it only covers 5 years then you should be safe to leave off anything outside of that.