NSW Annulment for Jury Fees from State Revenue Office?

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22 June 2015
I went to get my Drivers Licence renewed at Service NSW only to discover I have a Fine outstanding for failing to attend Jury Duty. I was completely unaware.

The offence was from a couple of years ago 1/5/2013.

The fine has been refered to the State Revenue Office and is fairly large $1700.
I was able to get my drivers licence renewed but I have to do something about the fine.

I would like to try to get the fine removed and have an 'Annulment Application for Jury Fees' form with the enforcement order number and jury reference number.

The reason why I did respond to the initial jury duty summons is that the notifications were sent to an old address that was on my drivers license and was completely unaware I had been summoned.

The reason why I did not update my address on my drivers licence is that I have not had a car for several years and so it never crossed my mind to do so.

To pay this fine would be SEVERE finanicial hardship.

I have all the details to fill in the form.

I would like some advice or help on how to word my excuse for not attending the jury service to maximise my chances of having the fine removed.

I am guessing a form filled in with all the proper legal terminology would have more chance of success.

Also, what are my chances? Do these things get removed often?

Sarah J

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16 July 2014
Melbourne, Victoria
Hi Celshader,

I believe you can contact the State Debt Recovery Office for a review of the fine. As for your chances, it is difficult to predict without having worked in the State Debt Recovery office. However, there is a requirement under NSW law that you must notify the Roads & Maritime Services of your change of address within 14 days of moving. Otherwise, you will miss out on important communications, such as the jury summons. If the SDRO is not willing to cancel the debt, you could ask for a payment arrangement if paying the full amount will cause you financial hardship.
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