principal place of residence

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  1. P

    WA Pension assets test and separating 2 properties as principal places of residence

    My question relates to separating and having 2 properties in joint names. If you decide to separate from a de facto relationship and you own 2 properties outright, can you claim one property each for the purposes of pension assets test as your principal place of residence if they are both in...
  2. V

    QLD Does Temporarily Swapping Houses Affect Principal Place of Residence Rules?

    A friend in her late 70's has been made an offer by her son. He has sold his house and plans to rent for another year. In a few months, he will start looking for a property in town to buy. It must suit his mother as he proposes she lives in his new property while he moves to her house on 20...
  3. Cubbie

    VIC Tenants in Common Selling Property - Stamp Duty, CGT Issues?

    Hi there, Hoping someone can assist. I own 2 properties with my sister 50/50 and she wants to sell one of them. I don't have a problem with selling. She suggested removing me off the title of the investment property and her off my principal place of residence (PPR). I'm trying to understand what...