NSW State Debt Recovery Office (SDRO) Enforcement Order

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4 June 2015
I received two enforcement orders from the NSW State Debt Recovery Office (SDRO) totalling in excess of $2000, for unpaid fines. The date of the offences is listed as 2008, however I have no record of ever receiving these fines, and it would not be in my nature to let these fines go unpaid (I note that I recently received a fine and paid this promptly).

Are there any grounds to appeal these fines in any way? Why would I not have been notified much earlier of these outstanding balances?

I was under the assumption that there would be sanctions if fines were not paid by the due date, i.e. drivers licence suspended. However, I have never been issued a notice to indicte my licence was suspended or that I couldn't renew it even after all this time has passed.