An Airbnb guest Promotes Our Address for Events?

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Donna C

9 April 2014
My house was booked for 8 nights on the basis of 9 guests. The guest in question wrote...Hi M and D, my family and some friends of mine are planning to come down to Phillip Island for nine days at the beginning of March. Your place looks great for our group but the rate is higher than we wanted. Are you at all flexible to offer a better price for 9 nights? The quoted rate is $2,561 + Airbnb fee $153 = $2,714... Thanks .....

Because our house accommodates 16 and the guest was booking for 9 I gave him a price much lower than the suggested price. On the day of arrival he rang me at midday for the code for the key safe which I told him check in was 2pm as per listing I did proceed to give him the code. I was then going through surfing events on the island from his check in dates and came across a website for kite surfing which had our address as the nominated registration house I was furious that he had done this to us given it was our first airbnb booking it also had registration at the event house from 12pm when check meant to be 2 which means he already had people registering at our house before the 2pm check in time.

I am unsure what to do on this matter, there was a guest agreement form us to him which requires the guest to put in the number of guests to whom will be in our house he proceeded to put 16 which was deceitful as I priced his booking on 9 the fact that he had our house displayed on a website as an events registration house made me furious to top it off the house was very messy and dirty dishes put back in the cupboards. I am not sure what I can do about this is this a claim I can make against his Bond ..

Please somebody help me if this would be in the rules where he should forfeit his paid bond...Any comments relating to property law would be valid......