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    16 December 2018
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    Hi everyone,

    I am living in Canberra.
    Last night, I parked my vehicle at a mobility disable spot. my wife was sick at the time, and that was the closest parking I can get her off the vehicle, and take her to the nearest toilet. A man took a photo of my vehicle and came to me saying that 'it doesn't matter who this car is belonged to, you are getting a minimum fine of $800'. He then pulled out a badge that looks like a police badge, but it was dark and I didn't see it clearly if it was a real one.

    I knew it was my fault and I should never parked at a mobility disable, but it was a bit late and no one parked there and there were still several parking spots there too. Plus my wife was so sick that she really wants to go to toilet with my help.

    Anyway, my question is:
    1. If that man is really a police, can he issue my a ticket when off duty? He was not in uniform and showed me a unclear police badge.

    2. If I am really receiving a parking ticket, anyway I can dispute it?

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    No way to know if he was a cop or not. With that said however, if he claimed that you will get a "minimum fine of $800", I seriously doubt that he was a cop at all. That's a ridiculous amount for any knid of parking ticket.

    1. Don't worry about until you receive an infringement notice in the mail.
    2. If you do end up receiving an infringement notice,
    a). be sure to check that it's legitimate before doing anything else, and
    b). given the circumstances (wife sick and nowhere else to pull up), you may have good grounds to get off.​

    For now, just wait and see if anything comes. If it does, I doubt it will be anything like $800.
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