VIC What to Do with Enormous Unpaid Fines?

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17 August 2016
Hi guys,

My situation is a little complex.

I literally lost my mind (mental health illness) and ended up in the psychiatric ward for a couple months. At the time, when I was discharged my head was still in the clouds (not understanding or being aware of what I had just been through) and going from rehab to rehab to ensure I didn't end up back in the "Mad House", and long story short, during that time, a family member who was and still is unlicenced was using my car and racking up fines.

I now have over 100K of unpaid fines. I did speak to civic compliance multiple times to obtain a payment plan, at which all times my request was rejected. I did seek help from legal aid to which they could not help me due to the complexity of my case.

If I had the money I would pay it, obviously, but unfortunately I do not have the luxury of 100K laying around. I am on the road to regaining control of my life and am currently undergoing an apprenticeship, therefore cannot afford a lawyer so any help on how to get the situation under control would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance ❤️


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27 May 2014
Have the fines gone to court?

You should not have to pay fines for offences committed by someone else. With a provable history of mental illness, if it is not too late, you may be able to go to court and have your case heard, or possibly appeal a decision if it has already gone to court and you didn't appear.

Ask legal aid if they know of any pro-bono lawyers who can assist you. Try your local legal community centre. Where in Victoria are you located?

Forget Civil Compliance, they only look at ways to get you money, not help you get out of your mess. The only thing they are good for is paperwork. They can provide a current list of all offences and their details.


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10 February 2015
You can apply for special circumstances and might end up getting the amount reduced significantly, maybe even completely wiped.

Legal Aid should help you with it, try again.