unpaid fines

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Debt settlement is also called debt reduction, debt negotiation or debt resolution. Settlements are negotiated with the debtor's unsecured creditors. Commonly, creditors agree to forgive a large part of the debt: perhaps around half, though results can vary widely. When settlements are finalized, the terms are put in writing. It is common that the debtor makes one lump-sum payment in exchange for the creditor agreeing that the debt is now cancelled and the matter closed. Some settlements are paid out over a number of months. In either case, as long as the debtor does what is agreed in the negotiation, no outstanding debt will appear on the former debtor's credit report.

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    QLD Unpaid traffic fine as foreign driver + occupant

    Hi, I went to Australia in 2018 with my parents. We got stopped by a policeman because I did not have my seat belt on. At the time I was 17, which meant that my dad (who was driving) was responsible for me, at least that's what I remember hearing from the policeman. We didn't pay the fine...
  2. R

    NSW Driving a vehicle with cancelled registration

    My son had his registration cancelled due to unpaid fines. He didn't find out until he was pulled over for it - now he has another fine. Service NSW tells me they don't have to notify you that they have cancelled your registration, but also that he should have got about 4 letters of intent to do...
  3. D

    WA Unpaid Fines in Perth - Will I be Arrested in SA?

    I had a phone call from an old housemate in Perth. The police were looking for me for 5 warrants for unpaid fines. I now live in Adelaide. Will I go to jail if SA police look for me? I have started paying my fines but apparently it's too late.
  4. H

    NSW Suspended Drivers Licence - Is It Recorded?

    Hi, My drivers licence has been suspended due to non-payment of speeding fines. Fine was for a low level speeding and my record is overall clean. Only reason fine wasn't paid was because of miscommunication with my husband along with factors such as mail not being received. Question is...
  5. V

    VIC What to Do with Enormous Unpaid Fines?

    Hi guys, My situation is a little complex. I literally lost my mind (mental health illness) and ended up in the psychiatric ward for a couple months. At the time, when I was discharged my head was still in the clouds (not understanding or being aware of what I had just been through) and going...