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  1. T

    VIC Is it worth contesting a myki fine in Magistrate's Court due to PTVs billing systems stuffing up?

    I was traveling using Myki linked to my mobile phone, with an automated top-up of $10 whenever the balance was low. My bank records show $10 deducted from my account the day before the offence, however that wasn't applied to the myki balance until 2 days later. On the intervening day I traveled...
  2. P

    VIC Fine for using concession Myki Card

    Today I was caught by an officer on the train that I was using (Card type Child 5 - 18 years inclusive) MYKI card and i am actually 19. First of all i wanna state a bit of my background. I am an overseas student who arrived in Australia last year (2018) when i was just turning 18, i went to a...
  3. W

    VIC Does myki evasion goes onto my record?

    I was using a child concession myki card one month after my 19 birthday I was fined by the plain clothed officers on this Monday in front the tram stop of my uni. At the moment that I was caught, I was really terrified and couldn't even speak properly. I had made my biggest regret in my life: I...
  4. A

    VIC Be caught by no valid ticket, will my creditworthiness be impacted?

    Hi, I was caught by no valid ticket as even though I remember I touched on, but apperently didn't touch on successfully. I be told that I might will receive a warning letter or fine or both, and they asked my name and address. But I'm about to apply for police check and permanent
  5. M

    VIC Used Wife's Concession Myki by Mistake - Consequences?

    Hi, Last week, it was a busy week where I have carried multiple myki's where one belongs to my wife who is has a Concession card. Somehow my pass on the other normal card expired on the same day and somehow I used my wife's one that day and got caught with the Myki officials. I was not able to...
  6. PandaWithAName

    VIC Fine for Using MYKI Concession Card - What to Do?

    Today, I unknowingly used a MYKI concession card which covers up to an age of 16 when I recently turned 17 last month. I either had forgot or never knew that after 17, I will not be eligible for a concession. I was stopped at the station by authorised officers who had said I might be issued an...
  7. M

    VIC Will MYKI Fine Appear on National Police Check?

    Hi, I need to ask a question about national police check. There is a day I was in a train and an authorised officer came in and asked me about my Myki and then he asked about my concession but I found out that I left it in my home so he gave a fine. I need to ask if that will affect my record...
  8. J

    VIC Received a MYKI Fine - Thoughts on Taking It to Magistrates Court?

    Hi everyone, I recently received a fine for not having a valid ticket on November 14, 2015. I wrote a letter of appeal, but they replied back with an automated reply not waiving it off. So the next step is to take it to court but I am trying to weigh the pros and cons of taking it to...
  9. R

    VIC MYKI Pubic Transport Fine Dispute - What are Our Rights?

    Recently, my sister was issued a fine on public transport for allegedly not tapping on with her Myki. Unfortunately, she did actually tap on and there must have been a problem with the machine. The inspectors bullied her into paying an on the spot fine rather than pay 3 times more at a later...
  10. L

    VIC Concession Card and Myki Fine

    i want to ask that do they know my address on my concession myki? because i dont have a concession card to proof that im able to use concession myki ! they dont ask me about my address and will i be fined?