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Myki ( MY-kee) is a reloadable credit card-sized contactless smart card ticketing system used for electronic payment of fares on most public transport services in Melbourne and regional Victoria, Australia. Myki replaced the Metcard ticketing system and became fully operational at the end of 2012.
The system was developed by Kamco (Keane Australia Micropayment Consortium) and is used by Public Transport Victoria. The initial 10-year contract was worth approximately A$1.5 billion, described by The Age as "the [world's] biggest for a smartcard ticketing system". The Myki contract was extended in July 2016 for a further seven years.
Ticketing requirements for trains, trams and buses in Melbourne are mainly contained in the Transport (Compliance and Miscellaneous) (Ticketing) Regulations 2017 and the Victorian Fares and Ticketing Manual.

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  1. A

    VIC Myki inspector confrontation question

    Hi This morning I purchased a $10 myki and on my way home on the tram, a number of inspectors very randomly entered at a stop and the lady (a very friendly Samoan lady, Sorry for mentioning the race which is irrelevant just trying to paint a picture) asked for my myki and I handed her my wallet...
  2. T

    VIC Is it worth contesting a myki fine in Magistrate's Court due to PTVs billing systems stuffing up?

    I was traveling using Myki linked to my mobile phone, with an automated top-up of $10 whenever the balance was low. My bank records show $10 deducted from my account the day before the offence, however that wasn't applied to the myki balance until 2 days later. On the intervening day I traveled...
  3. P

    VIC Fine for using concession Myki Card

    Today I was caught by an officer on the train that I was using (Card type Child 5 - 18 years inclusive) MYKI card and i am actually 19. First of all i wanna state a bit of my background. I am an overseas student who arrived in Australia last year (2018) when i was just turning 18, i went to a...
  4. W

    VIC Does myki evasion goes onto my record?

    I was using a child concession myki card one month after my 19 birthday I was fined by the plain clothed officers on this Monday in front the tram stop of my uni. At the moment that I was caught, I was really terrified and couldn't even speak properly. I had made my biggest regret in my life: I...
  5. A

    VIC Be caught by no valid ticket, will my creditworthiness be impacted?

    Hi, I was caught by no valid ticket as even though I remember I touched on, but apperently didn't touch on successfully. I be told that I might will receive a warning letter or fine or both, and they asked my name and address. But I'm about to apply for police check and permanent
  6. M

    VIC Used Wife's Concession Myki by Mistake - Consequences?

    Hi, Last week, it was a busy week where I have carried multiple myki's where one belongs to my wife who is has a Concession card. Somehow my pass on the other normal card expired on the same day and somehow I used my wife's one that day and got caught with the Myki officials. I was not able to...
  7. PandaWithAName

    VIC Fine for Using MYKI Concession Card - What to Do?

    Today, I unknowingly used a MYKI concession card which covers up to an age of 16 when I recently turned 17 last month. I either had forgot or never knew that after 17, I will not be eligible for a concession. I was stopped at the station by authorised officers who had said I might be issued an...
  8. M

    VIC Will MYKI Fine Appear on National Police Check?

    Hi, I need to ask a question about national police check. There is a day I was in a train and an authorised officer came in and asked me about my Myki and then he asked about my concession but I found out that I left it in my home so he gave a fine. I need to ask if that will affect my record...
  9. J

    VIC Received a MYKI Fine - Thoughts on Taking It to Magistrates Court?

    Hi everyone, I recently received a fine for not having a valid ticket on November 14, 2015. I wrote a letter of appeal, but they replied back with an automated reply not waiving it off. So the next step is to take it to court but I am trying to weigh the pros and cons of taking it to...
  10. R

    VIC MYKI Pubic Transport Fine Dispute - What are Our Rights?

    Recently, my sister was issued a fine on public transport for allegedly not tapping on with her Myki. Unfortunately, she did actually tap on and there must have been a problem with the machine. The inspectors bullied her into paying an on the spot fine rather than pay 3 times more at a later...