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  1. J

    Tax on Working Holiday visa

    Hello, I am under a WHV (subclass 417) and i started farm work (specified to get a second year visa) a few weeks ago. I noticed that there is no tax on my pay slips. So i asked my manager and he says it is normal for the TFN declaration i have signed. I asked him a picture of it, and it shows...
  2. S

    NSW tax implications for Trustee

    Hey there everyone, I have been trowling through the ATO site to find this answer... I can't get through to them so I thought I would try here.... I am one of 6 siblings. Both parents have passed (within a couple of weeks of each other) and the estate administration is in a shambles. For some...
  3. Whatif1

    QLD Tax laws

    Tax department person said everyone pays tax on inheritance even low income Others say no. Can you direct me to some printable government info proving thats it is a no answer Thanks
  4. O

    SA 2 working lifes combine at tax time ?

    Sorry, I'm tired & don't know how to title my question. My situation is I was employed by a company full time from start of this financial year ( 1/7/19) & company went belly up 9 October 2019 & I'm down super/annual leave/notice/redundancy monies. My main point though is as of that last pay...
  5. T

    NSW Tax Crime - Criminal Appeal - Commonwealth Criminal Code Act

    In 2016, I was convicted of seven offences pursuant of s.134.2(1) of the CCA 1994 (Cth'). Crucial to the CDPP's case against me were amended tax (tax) assessments that were at the time subject to review in Part IVC proceedings before the AAT. I was subsequently imprisoned for 3.5 years. I have...
  6. AndreaC

    VIC Land tax obligation on original purchaser post nomination of second purchaser for off plan

    Hi. I entered a contract for an off the plan apartment in Melbourne prior to any development and thus eligible for the concession but I am considering transferring/nominating the sale. I am not sure if the developers actions at the moment (builder contracted but not change in state of site)...
  7. B

    Tax implications buying into mothers house

    Hi, Could you explain to me the implications around buying into my mothers house? My mum is separating from her partner and I would like to get a loan to buy out her partner, both parties will live there as their main residence. Will there be CGT or Stamp duty? Also the house already has a...
  8. E

    NSW A constitutional query

    1. What is the relevant Commonwealth of Australia Act compelling any "man" to pay income tax. 2. Does the Australian Taxation Office, and therefore the Australian Government (as opposed to the Government of the Commonwealth of Australia), consider payment of taxes by a man to be a right of said...
  9. C

    QLD Land tax in Queensland

    I have a question about being an absentee for Qld land tax. I know its a long shot, but I will still ask. In Qld you are deemed an absentee if you reside out of the country,even if you are an Australian citizen. I have been told that I have to pay a huge amount, 3 times my yearly income, because...
  10. A

    TAS land taxation on vacant land

    Hi, a friend has asked me about land tax. He is thinking of buying some land in Tasmania. He is a first time buyer of property. 1. If he buys a small block 800m2 residential zone with the intention to eventuslly build his home on It what, if any, land tax does he need to pay? 2. If he buys 3ha...